The Image of the Feminist woman..distorted

This time 2 years ago, I would nonchalantly be calling myself an unashamed feminist.  Simply because I believed in the beauty of a world where women were free to become whomever they pleased to be and were recognized for their hardwork, outside of their stereotypes.

But as time passed, calling myself a feminist began to gain a sort-of disillusioned connotation.. A connotation I simply couldn’t associate myself with.

From women ranting on Twitter on how receiving a decent compliment from a man is equivalent to being sexualised, to a blog suggesting that men are the reason for every woman’s failure. Unstoppable complaining over trivial issues and uncalled for insults  to men that simply paint the image of an angry woman blaming men for every hardship she ever endured.

To me, feminism in the 21st century is  very distant to the man. It has nothing to do with him actually. It’s all about us, as women. I mean, the man isn’t our resistance, he is our equal competition. The law in most countries doesn’t even allow them that opportunity, if anything, it encourages the advance of women.

We as women often play our own resistance by not believing in our own capabilities and being intimidated by industries dominated by men. Calling myself a feminist helps me challenge myself to actually believe that I am equal. To look at a job and be like “I can do that” irrespective of my gender. Feminism teaches me to look beyond the limitations historically impressed upon me. It is simply up to me to acquire the skills, and prove that I can do the work. Any woman who has bravely entered industries such as construction, engineering and even business has achieved the principles embedded in feminism.

Never did feminism teach me to attack men. For what? their existence? their capabilities?. If I want his job, my skills will get it for me. Yes some men may throw snide comments about your womanhood or overlook your potential because you do not resemble the brother they imagined sitting across them in the boardroom. But you deal with him like you would have dealt with any regular bully at school. Ignore him. He essentially has no impact on who you become and what you can do, neither can he change it.Today, more than ever, it’s safe to say that the future is black and its female.

Stop distorting the feminist image for the sake of having an opinion. It is very possible to be a feminist and love men.


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  1. noelleg44 says:

    Bravo! I did it my way for my entire career – I did have male mentors but it was mainly just me!
    Thank so much for following my blog – I’m honored. Stop[ by any time.


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