Natural Hair

Having natural hair can be such a stressful affair. I recently had to cut mine to start a fresh.. But when you watch your Afro grow into a beauty you never imagined it to be.. It all becomes worth the effort.

Here are some natural hair fun facts

1. My friend keeps singing this song and will probably sing it until she’s 80. Heat is bad for your natural hair. Hair straighteners, blow dryers, dry curl, any form of heat is bad for your hair. This is because it pulls the moisture out of your hair and damages the hair cuticles in the process. This is not to say never ever use them, but definitely don’t make it a regular occurrence. Limit it to a few times.. Per year.

2. The coconut oil trend is not just a trend. It’s a real thing that deserves more of a hype than it already has. Coconut oil has several benefits for your hair, but the main reason I love it is because it’s good for hair growth.

3. Deep condition your hair!! Hair conditioner is not a “white girl” thing. It’s good for natural black hair too. Condition your hair as much as you shampoo it. Conditioner is especially good for restoring moisture to dry and brittle hair strands. A suggested good conditioner is the Tresseme naturals conditioner.

4. Occasionally Trim your hair, a friend of mine suggested once a month. I usually do it just before I decide to braid my hair with extensions. This is good for hair growth as it removes split ends.

5. Dark n lovely is bringing natural hair care products to south Africa! So be on the look out for those and use something that suits your hair type

6. Which brings me to the fact that you need to Know your hair type! The type of curls you have can vary from 4a to 3c. This is important because different types of hair respond differently to different types of treatment. Know your hair type (you can google it) and do what’s best for your hair.

7. Occasionally use an egg treatment on your own hair. This is  good for extra protein, hence making your hair stronger. Egg whites are also said to be of most benefit to dry and brittle hair but you can defintely use the whole Egg.

8. Olive oil is also good for strengthening hair and giving it more volume.

9. Lastly, bantu knots or braiding your own hair before you sleep are good protective hairstyles that also assist in hair growth. An added bonus is that if you sleep in them and undo them in the morning, you’ll have beautiful curls to enjoy your day in.


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