The Alter ego – Corporate South Africa

Imagine, being the only black person in a  boardroom and then suddenly hearing an Afrikaans lady say to you,  in front of everyone, "Oh my husband speaks Funagalore, I'm sure you would like that." Only to then force yourself to abruptly get rid of that blank look of confusion on your face that says, "But... Continue Reading →


The Sun

She wakes up with the ease of the sun rising in the dawn of the early morning and Clothes herself in brightly coloured floral dresses and glossy lipstick to resemble her scintillating wit. And as you cross daily paths, Her joy effortlessly lights up your humdrum life with a smile indisputably as glorious and beautiful... Continue Reading →

The Rise Of The Gram..

illustrating the impact of social media on the modern black woman would require the unpacking of the chronological phases and changes we have grown through.. From being a Single mother of 6 kids-cooking and cleaning in the house of another woman in the hopes of giving your own children a better future to help them... Continue Reading →

Natural Hair

Having natural hair can be such a stressful affair. I recently had to cut mine to start a fresh.. But when you watch your Afro grow into a beauty you never imagined it to be.. It all becomes worth the effort. Here are some natural hair fun facts 1. My friend keeps singing this song... Continue Reading →

Calling Her Beautiful

Being disingenuous/insincere is an art many of us have mastered without being totally aware. Saying or doing something, just for the sake of it, has somewhat become an annoying norm. Insincerity has a way of creeping into our everyday conversations when people say something or do something just for the sake of doing it. When black women remind society... Continue Reading →

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